Ever since Thomas A. Edison first turned the crank of his and heard the scratchy,
barely recognizable rendition of , the phonograph has been a
source of awe and facination.

Over a hundred years later, the technology developed by Thomas Edison, Emile Berliner,
Bell & Taintor, and Eldridge Johnson has all but disappeared into the laserlight of the compact disc.

For all of you who are seduced by the sound of scratchy cylinders,
delight in the dignified density of the Diamond Disc,
or just think was a cool dog, then you are a Nipperhead!

We've got a new look!

The Nipperhead site is undergoing a major upgrade! We'll be able to utilize
newer web technologies involving graphics, audio, and more dynamic content.

And we picked December 6th, 2007, the 130th anniversary of Edison's
invention of the phonograph, to launch the new site.

Click to start/stop the rotating Brady tinfoil.
Click and drag left/right on the image to rotate manually

However, all this will take some time. In the mean time, feel free to browse around the
content that IS working, and forgive those things that just don't work just right yet.

The old Nipperhead pages will continue to be available
until we have most of its content migrated to the new format.