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Ever since Thomas A. Edison first turned the crank of his and heard the scratchy,
barely recognizable rendition of , the phonograph has been a
source of awe and facination.

Over a hundred years later, the technology developed by Thomas Edison, Emile Berliner,
Bell & Taintor, and Eldridge Johnson has all but disappeared into the laserlight of the compact disc.

Home topics a-z slideshow pictures image gallery medications quizzes medical dictionary health topics a-z health news first aid guides slideshows all slideshows newest slideshows pet slideshows featured slideshow black widow vs. Brown recluse see who wins view slideshow » image gallery (categories) allergic skin disorders bacterial skin diseases bites and infestations diseases of pigment fungal skin diseases medical anatomy and illustrations noncancerous, precancerous & cancerous tumors oral health conditions papules, scales, plaques and eruptions scalp, hair and nails sexually transmitted diseases (stds) vascular, lymphatic and systemic conditions viral skin diseases additional skin conditions featured image picture of psoriasis a reddish, scaly rash often located over the surfaces of the elbows, knees, scalp, and around or in the ears, navel, genitals or buttocks... View image gallery» medications vitamins and supplements all quizzes skin pictures happiness human body sleep shingles featured quiz the sex & love quiz the brain. buy viagra online in canada The body. The bedroom. buy cheap viagra What do you know? viagra 100mg pfizer View quiz » about us | privacy | site map october 9, 2012 like us home > cancer center > cancer a-z list > ovarian cancer article > patient comments viewer comments: ovarian cancer - symptoms ovarian cancer slideshow pictures viewer comments & reviews ovarian cancer - symptoms the emedicinehealth physician editors ask: for ovarian cancer, what were the symptoms and signs you experienced? Submit your comment anonymously share your comment to help others. buy cheap viagra Related article: ovarian cancer « previous 1 2 3 next » (page 2 of 3) comment from: from michigan, 55-64 female (patient) published: july 13 my abdomen was tight. buy cheap viagra online australia Since i had been working with a personal trainer, i thought it was finally paying off. But when i began to slosh a bit as i tossed and turned at night, i turned to my sister, an rn. She knew something wasn't right and insisted i go to the doctor. An ultrasound showed i had a problem. Ten days later, 10 litres of ascites was removed as they did a complete hysterectomy. I was diagnosed with stage iiic epithelial ovarian cancer. buy cheap viagra Related reading: ascites comment from: ladypegasus, 45-54 female (patient) published: march 11 i am a 47 year-old woman with history of several pregnancies, four of them full term. I entered the er after severe abdominal pains and vomiting with a gush of blood from the vaginal area. buy cheap viagra The blood gush slowed to almost nil while i was in the er and the doc originally thought it was just a hormonal imbalance but wanted to run more tests to make sure. good viagra tablets in india Good doctor! Turns out there was a giant mass, suspected to be fibroid in nature, along with a beautiful 11 mm kidney stone complicating the whole mess! viagra online order in india The ob/gyn who was going to do the surgery did further testing and examinations of the tests already done and determined that it was more likely that it was ovarian cancer and looks like it might have spread. Buy viagra I see the gyn next week to schedule the surgery, which they say to expect to happen asap. Comment from: fleas, 65-74 female (patient) published: january 27 prior to being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, i noticed a hard mass in my lower abdomen. where to buy viagra online yahoo answers It felt like an egg. Comment from: cat, 25-34 female (patient) published: january 04 i was diagnosed just after having my baby (age 32). buy cheap viagra The gyn thought i had cysts on my ovaries while pregnant, meanwhile i think it was a tumor, i was huge when pregnant. At my 6 week check-up after having my baby, the gyn missed a mass in my abdomen, which i could feel myself a few weeks later, by pressing my abdomen. I didn't have any other pain or symptoms, but the tumor was very big. I also had night- sweats where i would wake up and have to change my clothes as they were so wet. I thought it was something to do with having been pregnant. I went to my gp who sent me for a ct scan and blood tests - which showed that i may have cancer, and then i had surgery to remove the tumor and one ovary. They thought it was benign, but found cancer after testing the tumor. It was stage 1a cancer and i chose not to have chemo as it had not spread. generic viagra at walmart One year later i am fine but go for regular check-ups. Buy viagra online I hope to have more children. Published: december 13 my wife started getting her periods closer together about a year ago, maybe about a week early. We thought it was pre menopause and dismissed it. She also had bouts of depression and slept much of the day. Suddenly, her abdomen began to swell to the point where she looked like a late stage pregnancy. generic viagra jelly This happened very quickly, over the course of a week. Went into dr. And did ct scan which showed a large, grapefruit sized tumor on her ovary. Two weeks later, she had surgery, but the cancer had spread so much into the bowel, intestines, colon and lymph nodes, the surgeon could not complete the operation. After the operation, she continued to fill with fluid and every three days she would have the fluid drained because she could not breathe or eat. She was constantly in horrible pain and could not sleep. For three weeks after surgery, she could not hold down solid food or even liquids. My wife literally starved to death because the cancer would not allow her any nutrition. We tried tpn, as well and that didn't work. She eventually passed away three weeks after her surgery due to respiratory failure. This disease is horrible. One day, you appear to be perfectly healthy and a month later, you are no longer here. It's unfair. Buy generic viagra We need to find a screening method for ovarian cancer. Ladies in your 40's, if you feel tired, and your periods are getting closer together. If you have any changes in your lower abdomen or reproductive parts, don't put off going to the doctor because you assume it is just pre menopause. Get a full. viagra soft tabs review For all of you who are seduced by the sound of scratchy cylinders,
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