The Aaron and Thea Cramer Collection

All photographs Copyright © 2004-2006 Peter Liebert. All rights reserved. Use with permission only.

Phonoraph Gallery
Looking into the collection from the entrance

Right wall
The right-side display cabinet and wall

Amberola 1A, Windsor, Bijou and Idelia
Middle section showing Amberola 1A , Windsor, and Idelia

Lambert Phonograph
Lambert Phonograph
Lambert Phonograph
The Lambert phonograph,containing the world's oldest playable recording.
(the Lambert seen from the top and side)

Aaronand Hexaphones
Aaron proudly displays his Hexaphones. Note the pink Lamberts!

Edison Mazda Lamp Display
Edison Mazda Lamp Display

Grenet bettery cells
Early electric machines were powered by these Grenet battery cells

North American
This North American machine in cabinet was one of Aaron's favorites.

Edison Idelia
Very rare Edison Idelia

Wizard and Nipper
A rare moving-mandrel Wizard phonograph stands in for a Berliner in this Nipper display

Stollwerk Toy Phonograph
Stollwerk chocolate record
Stollwerk & Company supplied playable chocolate records that were used with this working toy phonograph
(detail of rare surviving chocolate record)

Perfected Graphophone
Perfected Graphophone

Edison Bijou Coin-Op
Edison Bijou coin-op

Edison Cabinet Cards
Edison cabinet cards

Most Autophones were coin-op machines, however, this 12 cylinder model was designed for home use.

Pink Lamberts in Cabinet
Aaron's fantastic selection of Pink Lambert cylinders. Note the crank on the side of this rotating cylinder cabinet.

Victor Fire Alarm Box
Victor alarm box and bell

Aaron and Wurlitzer Jukebox
Aaron and his 1941 Wurlitzer 850 Jukebox

Bergman Replica
Replica Bergman tin-foil (number 5 of only 6 made), produced by master machinist
Bill Ptacek in 1999. Bill was killed in a boating accident in 2004

Red Banner Bettini Home
Bettini equipped red-banner home in front of rare hand-wind Victor

Ajax Coin-Op
Edison Ajax Coin-Op

Victor VI with Stand
Victor VI displayed on matching cabinet

This Regina box plays a small disk while dispensing gum

Regina Coronet
Regina Coronet multi-disc music box

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