Edison Amberola 1A

Early Amberola "1A" 2 & 4 minute
Amberola 1A, photo 1

The exact distinguishing features between the early and late model 1A Amberola is somewhat confusing. The so-called "Lyre" grill would usually denote it as an early machine. There were a great deal of problems coming from the early cabinetmakers, however, and with the great demand for these internal horned cylinder machines, they were often put into whatever cabinets were on hand.

Amberola 1A, photo 2

Although it is universally accepted that if the drawers had "egg crates", it is early, and with the box clips, it is late, there is little doubt that this machine is an early model.

Amberola 1A, photo 3

As seen from its ID plate, this unit is serial number 28! This would most certainly place it among the first 67 that were shipped on February 5th, 1910. The introduction of the combination model 'M' reproducer followed a few months later, so this one was probably shipped with the model 'L', 4-minute-only reproducer.

Amberola 1A, photo 4

You can see that the serial number, 28, is also stamped onto the casting of the machine.