Tin Foil French Origin, circa 1878

Early French tinfoil
French Origin, circa 1878, photo 1

French Tin-Foil of 1878, as seen in "Le Magasin du Phonographe" 1977, and 80th "Birthday Exhibition Catalogue", The City of London Phonograph and Gramophone Society.

This early tinfoil is probably the smallest of the tinfoil machines. Its base is constructed of cast iron, and is decorated like the others of this type that have been discovered.

French Origin, circa 1878, photo 2

The Edison cylinder box will give you an idea of the small scale of this machine. The speaker is made of wood, and is held in place with three screws. It is also used as the recording horn, since a single stylus is used both for recording and playback.

French Origin, circa 1878, photo 3

Into the slot visible in the mandrel, a sliver of wood was pushed to hold the tinfoil in place.

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