Victor No. 10

Victor No. 10 Reproducer
No. 10, photo 1

Although most Victor collectors will come across the Victor Concert, Exhibition, No. 2, No. 4 and Orthophonic reproducers, few shall ever have the opportunity to see the rare Victor No. 10.

The Victor 10 is a deluxe version of the Concert reproducer. It was probably introduced around 1902, for use with the Victor VI. It's all brass and would have been gold plated to match the gold plating of the VI. It's ornately engraved with no less than five engravings of the Victor Trademark, one of which can be seen on the face. The others can be seen circling the outer surface.

No. 10, photo 2

These reproducers were made for a short time, as the exhibition reproducer worked just as well and did not have to deal with the extra weight. The Victor 10 is quite heavy when compared to other reproducers, and probably would damage the records after frequent playing. I don't know how many were made, but I have seen some with a four digit serial number.

No. 10, photo 3

The one shown is very early, with a serial number of 74.

Only about a dozen or so of these are known to exist. If you have, or know of someone with a No. 10 reproducer, please contact Nipperhead.