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Trade Catalogs and Publications

In addition to the complete line of contemporary books that Mr. Koenigsberg sells, he has also taken the time and effort to recreate several period catalogs and manuals from the late 1800's and early 1900's.
These include publications from Edison, Columbia, Victor, Bettini, etc.
Not just simple photo-copies, these excellently and professionally reprinted manuals accurately recreate the original, and provide a wealth of information about the industry and machines of the era, as well as providing details such as configurations, prices and accessories.
At an average price of around $4 to $5 each, these catalogs are offered at a fraction of the cost of an original, if you could ever find one (many of these are very rare...especially in this like-new condition)

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Price: $0.00

Order at least $15 of books or reprints from Mr. Koenigsberg, mention Nipperhead when ordering, and you will receive this 4 page reprint of a 1898 Columbia Graphophone Sales Brochure (featuring "The Machine That Talks") absolutely FREE!

1878 Edison Speaking Phonograph Instruction
Price: $4.00

Titled "Instructions for the Management and Operation of Edison's Speaking Phonograph", this 8 page booklet gives instruction for the proper operation of the tin-foil phonograph.

1897 Graphophone Catalog
Price: $4.00

This early 16 page catalog from Spear & Company, illustrates several of the early model Graphophones (including coin-slot models), including prices and accessories.

1898 French Edison/Columbia/Pathe/Bettini Catalog
Price: $7.00

This 62 page catalog contains text (entirely in French) and drawings, and prices of a variety of phonographs, parts and add-on items for Edison, Columbia and Pathe phonographs. Phonographs modified with Bettini reproducers are also featured.

1899 Edison Phonograph Catalog
Price: $4.00

Distributed by T. J. Moncks, New York, this 24 page catalog shows the early spring and electric motor phonographs, as well as reproducers, accessories and cabinets.

1901 Eldridge R. Johnson - Victor Catalog
Price: $4.00

This 20 page catalog describes and pictures the early rigid-arm Victors, from the motorless, hand-cranked $3.00 Victor, to the De Luxe Monarch. Reproducers and other accessories of the time are also featured.

1902 Berliner Gramophone Catalog
Price: $4.00

This 32 page catalog from the Canadian Berliner company describes and shows the rigid-arm "gram-o-phones" being offered, including the A, B, C and E. A variety of reproducers are offered, and several add-ons, including a facinating 6-outlet listening tube attachment with special condensing reproducer.

1902 Bettini Phonograph Supplies Catalog
Price: $5.00

Concerned with the quality of records and reproduction, Lieut. G. Bettini created reproducers and add-ons that improved the cylinder phonographs of Edison and Columbia. This 38 page catalog details, with text and drawings, many of these improvements. In response to the fragility of the cylinder over the durability of the disc record, the catalog states "The buyer of a fine phonograph does not buy records to throw on the floor, or at the cat; these records are for the purpose of reproducing the most delicate thing in nature - sound waves."

1906 Edison Coin-Slot Phonograph Catalog
Price: $5.00

By the early 1900's phonograph parlors were springing up everywhere, and Edison was supplying modified spring and electric motor phonographs with coin-operation mechanisms. This 20 page catalog features these machines, from the spring-motored, $30 Bijou, to the $65 electric-motored Acme, Windsor and Eclipse models.

1909 Victor Talking Machine Catalog
Price: $5.00

This 32-page machine catalog features the Victor outside horn machines, from I to VI, as well as the latest line of internal horned Victrolas, including the pneumatically amplified Auxetophone.