Automated Music Show, Spring 1999

While the various web auctions, and the Internet in general, continue to change the way phonograph dealers and collectors do business, it was proven once again that there is still a solid place for the phonograph show in our hobby. While the Internet may continue to erode at the number of bargains to be had, we were still able to find quite a few.

The wheeling and dealing starts the day before the show, as dealers from across the country converged on Claymont, Delaware and the surrounding area for the Mechanical Music Show.

Plenty of dealers were on hand with lots of interesting items. In the back of this selection is an oak cylinder cabinet.

Although you often find single crate panels at the shows, it's rare to find an entire, inctact crate. This crate once held an Edison Diamond Disc phonograph.

The show seems to get packed earlier each year. This year the 3 rooms were packed with collectors by 8:30.

This Columbia BS (based on the Model "B", also known as the "Eagle") was one of only a couple of coin-op phonographs.

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