Automated Music Show, Spring 1999
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Phonograph collector (and reliable procurer of the neatest and most unusual stuff) Charlie Hummel (left) talks shop with noted book authors George Paul (center) and Tim Fabrizio (right) who were on hand to autograph copies of their latest: "Antique Phonograph Gadgets, Gizmos and Gimmicks".

This beautiful Edison Spring Motor (the predecessor to the Triumph), sports a wonderful seamless brass horn

Aaron Cramer had his limited edition Sears Roebuck Columbia "Q" base reproductions on display. These beautiful reproductions have all but sold out. If you are interested in inquiring if he has any remaining, send him email at

A variety of external horn machines were available, including these two Edisons. A Triumph is on the left, with a Home on the right.

Here we see a few other Edison Home and Standard phonographs for sale, with a pair of Amberola 30s in the front (I saw no less than 8 model 30s at the show).

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