Just in time for the Holidays...
Holiday Greetings
From The
Bunch At Orange

Manufactured and issued only once, in the Fall of 1924, this Diamond Disc was sent only to Edison dealers and jobbers, as an audio Christmas Card of sorts, and was never made available to the public.

Phonograph sales at Thomas A. Edison, Inc. were on the decline, largely due to the latest entertainment marvel, the radio. Cylinders had lost the media war, and although arguably superior to acoustic lateral records, the Diamond Disc could not take enough of the disc business away from the more publicly accepted records from companies like Victor, Columbia, Brunswick, etc.

In order to help bolster the spirits of their loyal dealers, the various managers of the Phonograph Division each recorded a brief message of Holiday wishes, and other messages of surprising candor and optimistic good cheer. By this time, however, Thomas Edison was 77 years old, his son Charles now ran the company, and the phonograph division would come to a halt less than 5 years later.

This was only the second production record containing the voice of Thomas A. Edison himself.
The first, "Let Us Not Forget", released on both cylinder and Diamond Disc, is also the only other Diamond Disc to have a special sleeve specifically designed for it.

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Complete Contents of the Diamond Disc
Complete Transcription of the Speeches

C D    C O N T E N T S
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Track 1
(Diamond Disc Side 1)
Al Farrier
Sales Manager
Art Walsh
Advertising Manager
Walter Miller
Mgr., Recording Div.
Jeff Buchanan
Mgr, Record Mfg Div.
Bill O’Shaughnessy
Mgr., Record Serv. Dept.
Bill Hildebrand
Traffic Mgr.
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Track 2
(Diamond Disc Side 2)
Sumner Williams
Purchasing Agent
Charlie Luhr
Mgr, Phono. Mfg Div.
Gene Philips
Credit Manager
John Shearman
Mgr., Order/Serv. Dept.
Walter Huebner
Mgr, Accounting Dept.
Charles Viley
Mgr., Commission Plan
Charles Edison
Chairman of the Board
Thomas A. Edison
The "Old Man" Himself
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