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Bunch at Orange CD Holiday Greetings
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Bunch At Orange
Bunch at Orange CD

[Jeff Buchanan] [Walter Miller] [John Shearman]


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Characature from Diamond Disc sleeve Jeff Buchanan
Manager, Record Manufacturing Division
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"This is Buchanan speaking, Manager of Record Manufacturing. I make white label records…I never had anything to do with black label records. Our records are getting better, aren't they fellas? Well I'll have to beat it now or you won't get this record on time!”

Walter Miller
Manager, Recording Division
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“This is Walter Miller speaking, Manager of the Recording Studios, Fifth Avenue, New York City. I call all the artists by their first name. But I hate to tell you what they call me. When they sing sour, they expect me to record sweet. If the record is good, they grab all the glory; if the record is rotten, they blame me. But even so, you'll admit the records are getting better, and they'll be better still next year.”

Characature from Diamond Disc sleeve John Shearman
Manager, Order and Service Department
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“This is John Shearman speaking. I look after your phonograph service and complaints. We expect to give even better service next year. I was told to say that. Now I'll tell you the truth: I'm the guy that gets the devil from you for all the mistakes these other fellows make. But it's not your fault, and I'll do my darndest to see you are taken care of.”


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