The Edison National Historic Site

West Orange, New Jersey

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Like any other government-funded institution, the Edison National Historic needs donations for continued maintenance of the site and its tours.
I'm not sure this is the best use I would put a C-250 cabinet to, however! (left).

The site's small gift shop, on the other hand, offers a wide variety of other ways to help support the site in the form of books, posters, collectables and CDs.
The Edison doll (shown with an inset detail of the removed mechanism) was more of a demonstration of the capability of the technology, since the scratchy voice was known to scare as many small children as it entertained and sold poorly.
A diamond disc (far right) is shown with both a master blank (left) and the plated master which created it.

The "Phonograph Building" (not really the site of the phonograph works, whose building no longer exists) houses the demonstration exhibit. Several non-Edison talking-machines are displayed as well, including a Sears Silvertone (left pic., rear, 2nd from left) and a Victor Credenza (left pic., rear, 2nd from right)
The park ranger who guided the tour, also demonstrated both the Edison home (middle pic.) as well as the C-250 seen behind it. Machines not demonstrated included the Acme electric coin-op machine (right pic.)

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