A paper trail of the phonograph industry, including advertising, catalogs, and machine instruction manuals

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Columbia Advertising

Columbia Product Catalog (1909)
Columbia Catalog

Columbia Manuals

Columbia Grafonola Manual

Edison Advertising

Edison Diamond Disc Brochure
Edison DD Brochure

French Edison Record Supplement
French Supplement

Master Products Of A Master Mind
Master Products

Slave of the Ring - Edison Advertisment
Slave of the Ring

T.A.E. Makes the New Edison Phonograph
The New Edison

Edison Tone Test Demonstration Program
Tone Test Program

What Edison Likes In Music
What Edison Likes

Edison Manuals

Edison Diamond Disk manual
Diamond Disk

Combination Attachment Instructions
Edison Combination Attachment

Edison Fireside model A manual
Fireside "A"

Edison Home Model A manual
Home "A"

Making Records At Home
Making Records

Edison Standard model D manual
Standard "D"

Edison Standard model E manual
Standard "E"

Edison Triumph model A manual
Triumph "A"

Misc. Advertising

What To Look For In Buying A Phonograph
Buying a Phonograph

Grand Opera Phonograph Catalog
Grand Opera

Motrola Phonograph Attachment Brochure
Motrola Brochure

Nipponophone Record and Machine Catalog

Wonder Phonograph Brochure
Wonder Phonograph

Misc. Manuals

Instructions for the Aeolian-Vocalion
Aeolian-Vocalion Manual

Brunswick Ultona Reproducer manual
Brunswick Ultona

Cheney Phonograph Manual

Polly Portable Instructions
Polly Portable

Sears Silvertone Phonograph manual

Sonora Setup and Instruction Manual

Starr phonograph manual

Victor Advertising

The Victor For Children
Victor Brochure

Early Victor Catalog
Victor Catalog

Victor Needles Brochure
Victor Needles

Catalog of Victor Victrolas from 1923
Victrola Catalog - 1923

Catalog of Victor Victrolas from 1924
Victrola Catalog - 1924

The Wonder of It
Wonder of It

Victor Manuals

Victor Radio with Electrola Manual
Victor Radio Electrola

Victrola No. 4 Reproducer Service Bulletin
Victrola 4 Bulletin

Victor Spring Motor generic manual
Victrola Spring Motor

Victor Victrola model VI manual
Victrola VV-VI

Victor Victrola VV-VIII Instruction Manual
Victrola VIII

Victor Victrola model XI manual
Victrola XI

Victor Victrola model XIV manual
Victrola XIV

Victrola model 50 portable manual
Victrola 50

Victor Victrola model 80 Manual
Victrola 80

Victor Victrola model 90 manual
Victrola 90

Victor Victrola model VV-100 manual
Victrola 100

Victor Victrola model VV-210 manual
Victrola 210

Victor Victrola model 220 manual
Victrola 220

Victor Victrola model VV-300 manual
Victrola 300

Victor Victrola model VV-405 electric manual
Victrola 405

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