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Ever since Thomas A. Edison first turned the crank of his tinfoil machine and heard the scratchy, barely recognizable rendition of "Mary Had A Little Lamb", the phonograph has been a source of awe and facination. A hundred years later, the technology developed by Thomas Edison, Emile Berliner, Bell & Taintor, Eldridge Johnson, et al. has all but disappeared into the laserlight of the compact disc.
For all of you who are seduced by the sound of scratchy cylinders, delight in the dignified density of the Diamond Disc, or just think Nipper was a cool dog, then you are a Nipperhead!

Last Modified: May 22,th, 2006

As we continue to mourn his loss, celebrate his life and collection
in our Tribute To Aaron Cramer.

Great Gifts

Check out our "Holiday Greetings From The Bunch At Orange" CD...
A rare recording, and a perfect gift!

Check out the addition of several new online-viewable phonograph operating manuals and ephemera, including a very rare English-language Japanese phonograph catalog (with prices in Yen!), a brochure of Edison's favorite 25 records, a very early (1902) Victor catalog, a fairly early Columbia catalog (1909), and a rare early Edison Diamond Disc brochure on the Ephemera page.

If you want to see the year in which a patent date was granted,
use the Nipperhead Patent Calculator on the Help page.

You can also view an actual photograph of the REAL Nipper on the Nipper page.

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