Mechanical Music Extravaganza, Spring 1999

Helping to fill the void left by the cancelled GEMM show, the Mechanical Music Extravaganza show was held on Sunday, May 15th, at the Wayne PAL hall, located near Newark (and just a short trip to the Edison Historical Site in West Orange).

The doors opened to the early buyers at 8am. There were many dealers in attendance, but it took and hour or so for the show to really get going.

By 10 or 10:30, things were moving pretty well, and those in attandance were poring through the records, cylinders, machines, accessories and more.

Several phonograph companies offered elaborately decorated period cabinets, including these displayed Victor and Columbia art models.

A little dusty, but otherwise nice conditioned Columbia model AB, basically an upgraded eagle that can play both standard and 5" cylinders.

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