Phonograph Museum

A Virtual Trip To A Private Phonograph Museum

Deep in woods of the suburbs of Philadelphia, there exists one of the most astouding sites any phonograph enthusiast will ever see. Snuggled in a modified barn, there sits a private phonograph museum which houses several dozen fully restored machines ranging from the somewhat common to the extremely rare. One can also find a variety of Edison (and to a lessor extent, Victor) related memorabilia. Before you try to incorporate a visitto the museum on your next vacation, I must tell you that this museum is currently not open to the general public, and is only made available to schools for class trips. It wasonly through the owner's kindess and generosity that we are able to present to you images from this wonderful and truly unique place.

Let The Tour Begin!

When you first walk in the door, your eyes dart around from side to side trying to decide what to see first! On the wall to your left, is the largest, and most diverse, selection of some of the nicest cylinders and boxes one is likely to come across. And the second picture at the top right, you can see over 50 Concert (5 inch) cylinders in their mint-condition boxes!

Cylinder wall 1Cylinder wall 2

On the other side of this room, opposite the "Wall of Cylinders", one can see such unusual items as this treadle-powered American Graphophone phonograph (left). Also pictured (right) is Amet's Echophone, a unique machine with a single glass tonearm/reproducer assembly.

Treadle-powered GraphophoneAmet's Echophone

Continuing to the left, we can be see a Vitaphone disc phonograph which is capable of playing both lateral and vertical records just by changing the linkage in the tone arm (see tone arm detail, right).

VitaphoneVitaphone Tonearm


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