Phonograph Museum

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In the middle of this wall, we can see a panel from a Victor shipping crate.

Victor crate

Along this same wall, we can see a perfectly restored original fire alarm box and bell from the Victor factories in Camden, NJ. It was demonstrated that the bell would ring out the id digits of the box that triggered it, so that the fire company could find the endangered location (i.e. box #23 would repeatedly ring out 2, a pause, then 3 bells). It is interesting to note that although the bell was triggered electronically (note the connecting wires) the bell mechanism itself was operated by a key-wound spring (what do you expect from the company that pioneered the spring motor phonograph!).

Fire bell 1Fire bell 2

Along the first wall, down past the cylinders, are showcased a variety of cylinder and disc machines, including this rare example of an early Berliner (created by Emile Berliner, the predecessor to Eldrige Johson's "Victor"). Note that there is no motor (spring or otherwise), and that the crank is connected by a belt directly to the turntable.



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