Orlando Antique Phonograph Show, February 2000

Although this was our first visit to the Orlando show, this marks the 4th year for this show. I didn't need much encouragement to leave several inches of snow on the ground to head for sunny Florida.

Most shows try to give the dealers the day before the show to play together, since it is hard for them to "schmooze" while manning their booths at the show. A pre-show dealers' parking lot swap meet has been half-heartedly supported by some shows, and downright discouraged by others. The Orlando show promotors (who, in general, have done an excellent job) give full support to this event, and it was a pleasant experience for all.

One of the many parking lots at the Delta Orlando Resort hosted the dealer swap.

Looking like a cross between a third-world bazaar and a tailgate party, dealers display their wares out of their cars and trucks.

All kinds of phonographs, including wooden horned, could be found here.

Just to show how supported this activity is, the hotel sent out a food cart with sandwiches and other snacks. Because of details such as this, and the general attitude of the show promotors, most of the dealers I spoke with felt better treated at this show than any other they attend.

In front of a backdrop of a small lake, all kinds of machines, parts, and accessories could be found.

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