Downloading Real Player

Many of the audio and video files on Nipperhead are encoded using the RealAudio/Video standard. This standard prodvides excellent real-time streaming capabilities even with 28.8 modems, albeit with a slight loss of quality.

Several users have expressed difficulty in locating the latest no-cost version of the RealPlayer product on the Real web site (although if you wish to try, you can try this shortcut to get there.

In an effort to make it easier to listen to the audio on Nipperhead, you may download the file directly from the Nipperhead site by following these instructions:

General Instructions

  1. Click on the "Download RealOnePlayer..." link below.

  2. When prompted, choose "Save to Disk" and specify the directory where you want the RealOnePlayer installation program to be saved. (remember this will need it in the next step; "c:\temp" is usually a good location)

  3. Once the download is complete, you can log off the internet (and AOL if that is your provider) and perform the rest of the installation "off-line" if you prefer. Locate and launch (double-click) the file you downloaded by exploring your hard drive or choosing the Run option in the Start menu. (The file is where your Web browser saved it in step 2.) This will begin the RealOnePlayer setup process.

  4. Follow the instructions in the installation program.

Download RealOnePlayer for Windows 98/2000/XP now (8.35MB)