Edison Home Model "A" (early)

An early 2 minute-only Cylinder Machine

The second Home model (after the early Spring-Motor Home), is the only model Edison Phonograph (other than the GEM) to have its decal on the lid.

This 1897 machine sports suitcase-like clips on its lid, giving it the nickname "Suitcase Home".

Equipped originally with a "Standard" speaker (reproducer) and then an "Automatic" , it was able to play the brown wax records of the time (NOTE: playing brown wax with the heavier weight of a 'C' reproducer will cause fast record wear).

Notice that the reproducer attaches via two retaining clips, unlike the knurled screw that holds it in place on the later models. The speaker adjusting screw can be seen on the reproducer arm, which was used to adjust the stylus on the Standard Speaker, until it was replaced by the Automatic Speaker, which tracked the grooves automatically.

The spring-ball endgate retaining clamp was common to the entire model 'A' Home line.